Episode 10: Jack Wilson on health, happiness and being the Deadly Ninja!

Welcome back to our podcast “A Cuppa and A Yarn” brought to you by the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council. Our guest this week is a man who overcame a tumultuous childhood to become a man capable of some pretty hair-raising athletic feats. Kalkadoon man Jack Wilson starred in the reality TV series Australian Ninja Warrior as the Deadly Ninja, whose flamboyant style and athletic prowess saw him become a fan favourite.

Jack talks with host Michelle Aleksandrovics-Lovegrove about his past issues with alcohol and drugs and how he turned his life around when he became involved with the Indigenous Marathon Project.

This episode was recorded live in front of an audience in the NSW Aboriginal Land Council’s Speaker’s Tent at the 49th annual Koori Knockout at the Central Coast Regional Sporting and Recreation Complex.